About the Artist

Photo Credit:  Olivia Reed Photo

Photo Credit: Olivia Reed Photo



I studied painting at a small liberal arts school on the North Shore of Massachusetts. After living in Maryland and South Carolina after school, I moved across the country and now reside in Gig Harbor, Washington with my husband, daughter, and rescue dog #rytherescue. 

My work is gestural, atmospheric, and a little contemplative—each piece is a momentary narrative. It settles somewhere between impressionist and abstract, and is almost always inspired by nature and travel. My work is a quiet celebration of the beauty around us.

I’m a reverse entrepreneur. My day job is all about connecting creative people through the power of education and community. Interested in learning more? Check out Rising Tide!


Core values support the vision and framework of the work I create and the decisions I make.

Strength. Inspiration. Emotion. Connection. Integrity.


I paint to express love for the world around us. While my disease limits the way I move through and interact with the world, I can still participate productively in this life through the process of making. I am able to create an intimate connection and emotional experience from a piece of artwork. Through my work, I’ve also been able to cultivate community with other artists who have chronic illnesses. Together we are able to normalize the challenges we face without minimizing or hiding.


You can reach me by email at hello@kaitmasters.com. You can also find me on Instagram at @kait_masters!