Want in on some of my favorite tools for running a business? Look no further! I disclose any link that offers referral or cash rewards for its use.



Up your email marketing game! I’ve always wondered if I had enough of a story to tell to hop into someone’s inbox on a regular basis. With the help and encouragement of my friends at Flodesk, I’ve started to make that a reality (and guess what, people actually read it). Sign up with my affiliate link for 50% off.


Organize your business, streamline communication, and send and receive payments that look professional. These are just a few of my favorite things. Before I joined the HoneyBook team as an employee, I started out as a HoneyBook user. I painted full time and needed a way to make managing my business easy. Sign up with my affiliate link for 50% off your first year!


If you loved sorting and color coding any type of school project as a kid, I’m pretty sure you’ll love Airtable. I use this for any type of data-based project that requires grouping and sorting of information. It’s intuitive, pretty, and robust. Sign up with my affiliate link (and I’ll get credit on my account).