I'm a bit behind on blogging because a lot has been happening over here! Which is a good thing, I think! Back in mid-April, Trav and I used airline vouchers (thanks for bumping us off those flights last year haha) to spend a long weekend in the Phoenix area. I had no idea if physically I would be up for exploring, but I was looking forward to the desert landscape. Trav and I both love to travel and Phoenix has been on our list for awhile. As I've since found out, some neurologists actually tell their MG patients to go to Phoenix because something about that environment really sits well with MGers. So that was such an amazing surprise to be able to hike and explore without feeling like my muscles were filled with jello. My breathing also was more normal when I was there.

I was so inspired by the landscape and architecture there. Many people envision deserts to be desolate - and I am sure there are some that appear that way. But the plant and animal life there was resilient and beautiful. You can expect to see a "Sonoran Retreat" series coming soon.

Here are a few highlights - straight off the plane we got In-N-Out and hiked Camelback Mountain (which was not fun to do full of burgers, but it was beautiful). We stayed in Mesa near Usery Mountain Regional Park (at an amazing Airbnb that I would highly recommend along with restaurants - D-Vine and Sunnyside Breakfast Lounge). Usery gives you access to Tonto National Forest where we hiked Wind Cave and part of Pass Mountain Trail. Our last full day, we drove down to the Superstition Wilderness and did Peralta Trail - absolutely breath taking views.

Fun fact: we blew a tire on the highway because we ran over a cactus spine. All in all, we LOVED this trip!