2016: A Year in Review + Views Ahead

Well, I guess I am a little bit late writing my 2016 review. Better late than never. 2016 was a year of change and patience. I accomplished two big goals that I had set for myself: submit art for publication + participate in an art show. Not only did I submit, but I had a piece published! And I was invited as a special guest for a local art/music/food night in Columbia.

When reflecting on my work for the year, I think I challenged myself + continued to grow in areas that surprised + excited me. I worked on several landscape commissions, and a handful of special botanical themed projects as well.

I had several commissions for abstract work. I've become more confident in the direction I would like to take my painting, and have ideas for future projects down the road. I actually shared a bit about abstraction earlier this year in this post, and had the opportunity to guest-write for Maker's Movement to share about my experience building a body of abstract work this year.

One of the biggest things that happened this year might come as a big surprise. I accepted a full-time job! I first became involved with the Rising Tide Society in 2015 shortly after I started pursuing painting full time, when my health was in a downward spiral. I started as a casual "consumer" - observing in their Facebook group and hoping that I would get strong enough to attend a local meet up in my area.

Well, my body never quite got with the picture. So in February 2016, I reached out to the founders and asked if I could start an online chapter for creatives with chronic illness + disabilities who might also be missing out on their local meetings. With their blessing, "TuesdaysTogether - Creative + Chronically Ill" was formed. We have about 80 members who "meet" online every month! And this summer, I volunteered some additional hours to help with moderating their Facebook page. And that turned into a part-time contracting job, working behind the scenes to help drive content + community. Well folks, this is now my full time job. In December I was hired as the Community Support Manager for Rising Tide!

What does this mean for me in 2017? I'll still be painting - don't you worry. But I will also be pouring out into a space I love so much - where creativity, culture, and community meet.


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