The RISE Summit!

Wow, what a week it has been. A major chunk of 2017 so far has been dedicated to working on building the second annual Rising Tide Society Online Summit -- the Community team at Rising Tide + HoneyBook poured months of work into it, and it went live on Tuesday! A major part of everything we do is to give back to others. From our meetings pouring into local creatives in our own communities to educational opportunities where all funds raised are donated to charity. For the Rise Summit, we partnered with Pencils of Promise, and our initial goal was to raise $35,000 so we could build a school for a community in need. We surpassed that goal, and revised it to $50,000. And then we hit $60,000 and we knew that not only we were building a school - we were sponsoring over 500 students for a YEAR!

I had the opportunity to share a bit of my story and passion for education in a little promo video made by fellow HoneyBook employees. We shared about the importance of education in our lives, and why we care so deeply about working to bring education opportunities to those in need.

Joining in live yesterday was incredible to see thousands of creatives - from hobbyists jumping on during their lunch hour to seasoned experts hosting co-working parties to work together while watching. While I spent most of the day running support behind the scenes, I was blown away by the vulnerability, patience, and compassion of every single one of our speakers. Our hashtag, #therisesummit, has been filled with thousands of reflections + takeaways that continue to remind me why craving community, and following through with connecting with others, is so vital to us not just as business owners, but as humans as well. If you're interested in buying a replay, it will be available with a $50 donation through Sunday, April 30 here.

There is so much more I could say, but I want to encourage my readers to donate + register for the replay so you can have your own personal experience with this content. It ranged from practical tips that were necessary to be reminded of, to larger conversations about inclusivity, passion, and motivation. Here are a few of my absolute favorite quotes from the day!



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