How to use HoneyBook as an Artist

As an artist and a HoneyBook employee, I'm often asked about how to use our CRM as a painter and a non-event professional! While a large portion of our user base is made up of service-based freelancers (think weddings and events), we do have a growing number of non-event freelancers and creatives who've joined the HoneyBook family. I'm one of them! I first started using HoneyBook in March 2016, shortly after becoming a volunteer leader for Rising Tide. At the time, I was full time as an artist and knew that I needed to get organized if I wanted to be successful. I've written about my transition from full-time artist to side hustle artist coming on full time with Rising Tide and HoneyBook before, so I won't bore you with the details. However, if you're curious about that story you can read more here, here, and here. For full transparency, I have been a full-time employee since December 2016.



As an artist, it is a scary step taking your artistic voice to market. I think all of us remember the first time someone approached us with a request for a commission. It's an amazing experience to be valued in that way and for many of us, it is more than just that. Our art is also our livelihood. That is why it is so important not just to be organized, but to have a strong contract in place with a structured system. That side of being a professional artist—being a business owner—is something I didn't learn in art school. HoneyBook helped me do that during a time when I was still figuring out business ownership (spoiler alert: still am figuring it out). Because it has been so helpful for me, I want to share how I use the platform to manage my business while still working full time and managing my health and infusions.

To start this is a screen recording of what it looks like to inquire through my embedded form through my shop. HoneyBook's embedded contact form works with a variety of platforms (I use Squarespace to host Larkspur + Laurel).

[wpvideo vbYC0t9a]

Mobile View

As soon as an inquiry is submitted, I receive a notification on the HoneyBook iOS app as well as an email. I almost always have my phone on me, so this means I can quickly take a look and respond!

Immediately, I receive a notification from HoneyBook and can quickly check out what came through! I'm also able to access my email templates and file templates by clicking "I'm interested". That automatically brings up a reply email that I can attach a brochure to and send from my phone.

Normally I work from my desktop rather than from my phone, but the mobile app helps for creatives on the go. For me, it is great if I am traveling, at a clinic visit, or am having an infusion.

Desktop View

Because I work primarily on my desktop, I put together a screen recording showing what my HoneyBook workspaces look like and explain how I use brochures, invoices, and agreements to meet my needs as a painter. Warning: I narrate this video, which is not my strongsuit, but I wanted to explain what you're seeing on the screen.

[wpvideo 5eJPk3GG]


If you're an artist who offers custom work, it's so important to set up a system to streamline your process, protect your art, and leave you with more time to do what you love—making art!

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