Interview with Feminine Foresight

"I look fine, and that's kind of the curse of it too. Until you're really, really sick you basically look totally normal."

Kait Masters video podcast cover

Kait Masters video podcast cover

A few weeks ago, I sat down on Skype with a former TuesdaysTogether leader that I have gotten to know through my job working with Rising Tide and HoneyBook. Jenny Spolema is an author and speaker who helps women love their work. Before moving to Albuquerque, she was our Tuscon TuesdaysTogether leader for the Rising Tide Society. She runs the incredible content generating podcast/blog/vlog, Feminine Foresight. She's also all around a fantastic human with a heart of gold.

We talked about building creative community around invisible disease, valuing your work, and what it's like to work a full time job in community building while running a side business and managing a chronic health condition.

I'm always a bit flabbergasted and humbled when someone asks if I'd like to be interviewed or share my story because to me... what I do is just normal life. I find a way to weave my passions together, to make ends meet, and to hope that I'm doing the best I can to support others along the way.

Through my work with Rising Tide and HoneyBook, I've been able to cultivate relationships that create opportunities to bring a light to the community of millions who manage chronic and disabling (and often invisible) illnesses without much notice from the mainstream culture of our society today. I am so grateful for the opportunities to share a bit of my story in hopes that it will encourage others and also change some of the negative stigmas that still surround chronic illness today.

Jenny, thank you for making this space available to me. It means the world to have friends outside of the chronic illness community using their platforms to talk about the integration of health and work.

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